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2017-08-22 08:59 pm
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Hi! I signed up for this exchange extremely last minute, so this letter is not the most thoughtful one I've ever written! As such, I've stolen these general likes and dislikes from myself 3 years ago, but I also wrote specific fandom opinions below.

I enjoy: tropes; AUs (either canon-branching or totally-new-universe); adventures; female masculinities; friends outside the ships. 
I prefer: fics where things happen to more introspective feelings; humor/fluff tonally. 
I do not like: angsting about one's sexual identity; explicit sex scenes; infidelity; plots that predicate on lying or misunderstandings.
I would rather: you captured the character's voices well than fulfilled anything else I mentioned here.

Fandom:Desert Hearts (1985)
  • Cay Rivvers/Vivian Bell
I would be thrilled with any fic that takes place post-film in New York (and assumes Cay follows Vivian and they give it a real go). 
My dream fic for this fandom - and this is very very optional - is a crossover where somehow they meet and bond with fellow May/December midcentury lesbians Carol (2015) and Therese. Cay the sculptor meets Therese the photographer? Vivian needs new furniture for her husbandless apartment and Carol or Abby recognize a kindred spirit while selling it?. 
Fandom:Daria (Cartoon)
  • Jane Lane/Daria Morgendorffer
  • Jane Lane/Quinn Morgendorffer
I don't really have any ideas here. I miss this show and think Jane was bi all along. Every time I come across a Daria fic in this exchange or Yuletide I'm happy. 
Fandom:DC Cinematic Universe
  • Etta Candy/Diana Prince
Etta Candy was amazing; I loved her attitude and sense of humor. I like to think Diana was also charmed by her. There's a long timeline in which this romance could take place (100 years almost!), and I'd be open to seeing any part of it. (I would prefer that death was not the focus of the fic, but feel free to reflect upon Diana's immortality.) 
Fandom:Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (TV)
  •  Heather Davis/Valencia Perez 
  •  Rebecca Bunch/Heather Davis 
  •  Rebecca Bunch/Heather Davis/Valencia Perez 
  •  Rebecca Bunch/Valencia Perez
I loved the girl squad throughline in season 2. I think there are interesting and different dynamics in each couple, and as a trio. I'd adore something comedic / in the tone of the show, but I'm also very interested in exploring the characters emotional depths if you're into it. 
Because, listen: I think Rebecca actually being a very deeply repressed and closeted lesbian/queer woman would be an amazing actual plot point in the show. It's hinted at enough (season 1 episode 2 and other Rebecca-->Valencia crush moments, also her mom keeps asking about it). It would also make sense as to why she puts so much pressure on a perfect relationship with a man as the thing that would make her normal. 
I also like to think Heather would know a lot about polyamory from psych classes or just being a hipster, so if you go with the triad I'd love to see it as a relationship more than a hookup. 
Fandom:marvel netflix  
(aka Jessica Jones)
  • Jessica Jones/Patricia Walker (Marvel Netflix)
I have not seen the Defenders but if you need to include those events it's okay.
I'd love something relatively fluffy - I know they're fucked up people but they could still have good days. I'd also be open to something in their past or something entirely AU (but keeping the protectiveness/dependency/general vibe). 
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2015-01-29 01:01 pm

obsessive femslash recs

So a few weeks ago Autostraddle published an edition of their Fan Fiction Friday column about the author's top 10 femslash fics of all time, which asked for our faves in the comments.

Naturally, I compiled a
probably way-too comprehensive overview of the top fics (that I could remember/find) from my top fandoms from the past 15 years, and I've decided that I want it on my dreamjournal for posterity.

montage of me opening five million different archives, scrolling endlessly, opening dozens more tabs, sighing nostalgically, wincing nostalgically, and finally emerging into the light holding this timeline over my head.

Here is the first Harry Potter f/f slash I ever read (so at the time as a 13 year old it was the greatest thing in the entire world):

Shortly after that I got into Buffy, and I remember bookmarking this writer’s personal webpage in AOL to check on updates for this Willow/Tara soulmate fic (featuring a crossover characters from Greek mythology and ER):

I started my pattern of following authors into fics about canons I’d never consumed early. Here’s a lovely story about a boarding school in the past (that also somehow started me feeling comfortable with identifying as butch):

I remained a Kitten Board regular long after Tara died and it dissolved into entirely alternate universe fics. Here’s an old favorite where they meet as contestants on Survivor:

Around this point I was really into South of Nowhere, but my favorite author of the era has deleted her stuff in that fandom, and I can’t find anything that compares at all.

Here’s another amazing fic for a show I never watched, in which women get each other pregnant through powerful magic:

I could never get into R&I, because I was still bitter about the cancellation of Women’s Murder Club. The series below is fantastic, but note how you can’t even tell that it’s a series because pre-AO3 archiving websites are tragic and difficult:

At one point, not sure why, I’d read every fic in existence about these two quirky British detectives whom I’ve never met(/watched):

Oh, right, the long stretch of time where I thought only of Glee:
Here’s an epic length fucked-up-in-the-future Faberry fic that I think serves as a metaphor for the fandom somehow?:
Here’s one twice-as-long Brittana in-the-past and in-the-circus AU filled with fluff and intrigue and atmosphere:
And here’s the Brittana fic I wish the characters were actually living in (branching from the show after Heart):

You already named one of my go-to recs from the Warehouse, so here’s a 1920s AU I like just as much:

Guess I should probably stop holding out hope for this Swan Queen WIP now that I realize it hasn’t updated in almost two years, but it’s so great I’m going to recommend it anyway:

The wonderfully unexpected Pitch Perfect fandom emerged around then; here’s the fic I’d taken as headcanon before PP2 was announced:

It’s probably not entirely clear from these recommendations, but my favorite genre is actually short and fluffy. Here’s an adorable Game of Thrones canon-era fic in which Margaery and Sansa get married for politics:

And now I feel we’re basically caught up to the present? So I’ll leave you with my favorite Carmilla fic (so far):

(If these are to your taste, I also have ao3 bookmarks?) 
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2014-09-05 11:39 pm

Dear Creator FemslashEx Thing

Dear stranger-friend:

Thank you for writing something for me! My requests, in case you aren't in AO3 right now, were:

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Rosa Diaz/Gina Linetti

Orange is the New Black: Tasha "Taystee" Jefferson/Poussey Washington; Nicky Nichols/Alex Vause; Lorna Morello/Nicky Nichols; Nicky Nichols/Poussey Washington

Orphan Black: Delphine Cormier/Cosima Niehaus

Game of Thrones/ASoIaF: Sansa Stark/Margaery Tyrell; Sansa Stark/Brienne of Tarth; Brienne of Tarth/Margaery Tyrell; Arya Stark/Brienne of Tarth; Catelyn Stark/Brienne of Tarth

I enjoy: tropes; AUs (either canon-branching or totally-new-universe); adventures; female masculinities; friends outside the ships.

I prefer: fics where things happen to more introspective feelings; humor/fluff tonally.

I do not like: angsting about one's sexual identity; explicit sex scenes; infidelity; plots that predicate on lying or misunderstandings.

I would rather: you captured the character's voices well than fulfilled anything else I mentioned here!

Oh, and I have exactly one prompt, which is: What if Carmilla the webseries were about Sansa (as Laura), Margaery (as Carmilla), and Brienne (as Danny)? 

Also, I have a tumblr if you want to learn more about me than this hastily-set-up profile can tell you.

Thank you again.

May the muse be with you,
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2014-04-28 10:49 am

(no subject)

Dear Livejournal:

I am writing to inform you that, for the first time in 13 years (aka half my life), I have been moved to write fanfiction.

Title: the warmest color
Fandom: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Pairing: Rosa Diaz/Gina Linetti
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2011-03-25 01:09 am


Donald Glover stand-up taping was fucking amazing. I honestly feel a little spiritually uplifted from laughing that hard, but that could just be because I've had a rough week. 

A good 10-15 (or maybe 20? I lost track of time completely) minutes of the set were devoted to how horrible and weird kids are--how they have no empathy and basically aren't socially unacceptable.  I wonder if there's any thematic significance in the fact that his rapping name is Childish Gambino. Could be he views his rap as somewhat of an outlet for all of his worst and strangest impulses. Maybe one day when care more and the standup special airs so I have primary sources I'll write an essay about it. #probablynot
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2011-01-27 12:03 am

(no subject)

here are two incredibly rambling comments I have left on blogs this evening, both of which in a roundabout way address issues of television and fandom:

On The Perks of Being Adapted into a Film at Thought Catalog:

It's not just with marginalized groups, necessarily--look at the way nerdy Americans react when the US adapts British TV, or the way Comic Book People react to pretty much any comic book news. It's partially because whenever people like things that aren't mainstream popular, they become a member of a different "ingroup" called "people who are cool enough to agree with me on this thing," because we're social creatures and need to feel like part of some sort of pack, and obviously our pack is "better" because we're in it. It extends to the atmosphere of online fandom--low-rated shows (which generally stay on the air because of they have critical acclaim or award nominations, so tha might be a mitigating factor) feel like awesome houseparties (i.e. Community), whereas the fans of hugely popular shows (Glee) feel like nightclubs, where there are way too many people and you can't hear anything but it's hypothetically still fun. (But then, there are those that prefer nightclubs IRL... and there are also people who watched Coupling on NBC and Desperate Housewives is still on the air...) Basically, this is what "hipster" means.

More to the point I think this movie will not go _all_ that mainstream, so there will be those like you and I who will scoff at the n00bs and be like "I read this book in the 8th grade," but those n00bs will push it on people all "Oh my god, you've never seen Perks? The book is pretty great too" and look down on their new friends the same way we do them.

On Why More Women Should Write Comedy: A Mathematical But Not Boring Study at Splitsider:

The more I think about it, the more I realize that basically they basically gender segment television into dramas for girls (lifetime, most shows with hospitals in) and comedies for boys (comedy central, adult swim). But then all the "good" dramas like Mad Men and the Wire are about hyper-masculine shit like being a violent criminal or Don Draper. Also I'm noticing that most competitive reality shows are marketed primarily at dudes (except, like, project runway) and "passive" reality shows at chicks (except, like, pawn stars). Basically what I'm saying is, I'm sick of ads for guys on all the shows I watch (but then I wouldn't be satisfied with ads for ladies either, as Target: Women taught us).

Conspiracy theories (and interior design) aside, this article was in fact inspiring and I am going to make a conscious effort to remember funny ideas I have and try to write something about them.
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2008-12-15 10:26 am

Winter Break is Soon

Here is a list of fanvids I want to/am going to make over winter break:

  • Short Skirt Long Jacket - Cake

    • a tribute to Sarah Walker from Chuck, as a) theme song! and b) about awesome chicks!

  • Code Monkey - Jonathan Coulton

    • Jim/Pam, from the Office. Because it's about right, for the second season.

  • Being Alive - John Barrowman / Stephen Sondheim

    • Captain Jack is immortal, and the actor who plays him sings this. Come ON.

  • either The Future Soon, I Crush Everything, or Skullcrusher Mountain - Jonathan Coulton

    • Doctor Horrible. One of these will fit perfectly, I just know it.

  • One of the Doctor Horrible songs

    • something else, maybe Doctor Who. You could probably shoehorn a Master/Doctor thing into "My Eyes."

  • (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace Love and Understanding - Elvis Costello

    • Doctor Who.

Here is a list of TV shows I need to get around to watching, probably over winter break:

  • Mad Men

  • The Wire, Season 2 on

  • Gossip Girl

  • the rest of this season of Dexter (I fell behind because it's too creepy to watch alone in my room)

Here is a list of things I need to do before I have a winter break:

  • Econ exam

  • Psychology lit review

  • Move (across the street)

  • Pack to move back home (farther than that)

  • Get Some Sleep.

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2008-11-18 04:06 pm
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I Have A Lot To Say About Chuck

Said Things )

So, in conclusion, Jordana Brewster and Yvonne Swelastname are hot, and I wanna be a spy when I grow up. Also, Spoon.
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2008-11-11 04:04 am


On Watching D.E.B.S. for the Millionth Time Because Lucy Diamond was on Chuck:

1) I really wish I had super long arms so I could wrap them around someone's head whilst makin' out.

2) God, that Lucy Diamond is hot, despite terrible bangs and eyebrows.
2.a) This holds even truer in Chuck, where she has better hair and glasses where the eyebrows should be. The straight negates the hair, though, so she comes out even.

3) The plot of this movie is ridiculous, as is the spy organization.
3.a) This even holds true in comparison to Chuck.

4) I think my career goal is to work on a movie like this. I don't know in what capacity, but something light-hearted and gay and made by a gay lady and awesome.

on Heroes:

I am in love with Jack Coleman and Veronica Mars, as individual characters, and also with Angela Petrelli and also with Ando. No particular reasons, just I decided they were awesome and lo, up to it they lived. Ooh, also Claire's BioMom, at least this episode.


Scherbatsky is an awesome name.
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2008-09-15 03:59 am

I am a snake head eating the head on the opposite side

Merlin Mann, one of my webternetty heroes, says I should blog about my obsessions. I can only assume he wanted me to pimp this here Doctor Who fanvid, and, even if you don't want spoilers, the associated song which is HAUNTING my BRAINS.

And, just to make sure all my "obsession" cards are on the table:

[note to self: that is a far pervier google image search than expected. Ew.]
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2008-09-09 02:02 am
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Love Themes

Is there some sort of mandatory chord for love themes?

In the past week, I've noticed that both Torchwood's "Gwen and Rhys"

and Los Hombre's De Paco's (Unofficial) "Pepa y Silvia" (theme around 1:12 of the clip)

sound AWFUL like the Buffy/Angel love theme (Doooooo, do. do. dooooo DOOO do. do. you know the one):

It's very confusing.
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2008-09-04 10:27 pm

(no subject)

I am slightly offended that I cried at the end of Dr. Horrible, again. Am I that easy? Am I just Mr. Whedon's little pawn, who breaks down at an image of a sad young guy in a hoodie? It's those last two words, man.

In relevant observation, it seems clear that the big death scene was shot so that nobody else was in the room. There are lots of little cuts that hide the identity of the body. Interesting.

... remember Buffy? that was a good show.
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2008-09-04 02:03 am

pop quiz, hotshot

What's more exciting in the below video: the enaction of that whole bisexuality storyline (even if all we're going to get is the House-male-gaze-fantasy), or PENNY having a mysterious illness?

Relatedly: Pepa from Los Hombres de Paco looks like some other actress but I cannot figure out who. Internet people, go.
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2008-08-31 01:44 am

Just The Girl

  • Veronica Mars, Logan/Veronica
    • My favorite heterosexuals. Bar none. I one time told a group of people that Logan [not J. Dohring, but Logan, the troubled rich kid with a heart of gold-plated anger] was my turn-straight, and they laughed at me, but it's still true.

  • Popular, Sam/Brooke
    • I LONGED, in high school, to have a hot popular enemy. Then I briefly had enemies, and it was not hot, nor was it fun and goofy like on the teevee. Still, if it were Sam and/or Brooke...

  • Pokemon, Misty/Ash
    • My first fannish argument, back in the day, was on the Pokemon forums. I was all "AAM" or some other ridiculous acronym, because I identified with the tomboy and wanted her to get what she wanted. A few months later, it was brought to my attention that Misty had cartoon chemistry with some chick with large breasts, and I began to question my sexuality. True story. [I confirmed my sexuality at Rent, because I'm awesome.]

  • South of Nowhere, Spencer/Ashley
    • Another goddamn high school couple. I wish I dated people in high school and they were cold and cruel but knew what they're doin'.

  • 10 Things I Hate About You, Patrick/Kat
    • I've watched this movie more times than necessary, and am afraid to watch this vid because of Poor!Dead!Heath.

  • Xena: Warrior Princess, Xena/Gabrielle
    • Duh.

  • Women's Murder Club, Lindsay/Cindy
    • RIP, WMC. Best show in awesome. It made me read a James Patterson book, and probably will make me read 5 more.

Next up, I think I'll do "There She Goes." But not today. Because this is getting closer and closer to embarrassing.
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2008-08-31 01:32 am

The Girl Next Door

originally posted at

in which my attempts to be disconnected and ironic are thwarted by my sincere glee at the art of fanvidding don’t judge me

Today’s song is “The Girl Next Door” by Saving Jane, because it is about the Popular versus Unpopular thing.

  • The most common, by far, is young Hermione Granger. The fun thing is, sometimes she’s the Girl Next Door (versus Fleur Delacour, who doesn’t count because Veelas are magic Sirens); but SOMETIMES, she’s the Prom Queen (versus young Ginny Weasley, which doesn’t count because Harry has never ever had a crush on Hermione.)

  • Also popular? Miley Cyrus. Apparently she has a best friend. Who is less popular. And people identify with this friend?

  • Now, my first thought, upon hearing the song, was “Dawson’s Creek!” Because I was 11 when it came out and thought I had a crush on a boy who was my best friend, JUST LIKE JOEY! And now Joey is crazy Katie Cruise, so I STILL can’t admit my crush on her. But the point is, Jen Lindley is popular. [Notably, Jen ACTUALLY lived next door to Dawson. Dun dun DUN.]

  • Of course you’ve got Popular, because honestly, was the song written for that soundtrack? It wasn’t just next door, y’all, it was the next room! Because step-sisters!

  • You’ve got your anime. Sailor Moon is an odd one because the “Girl Next Door” is become death personified later in the season. So there’s that.

  • You've got your The O.C.

  • You've got your Gossip Girl, which could easily be renamed "The U.E.S."

  • You've got Mean Girls, which doesn't make sense in the context of the plot.

  • And, of course, you have your Random Internet Lesbians RPF. Because I, apparently, suck at living. [But she was seriously a cheerleader, you guys.] [Please kill me.]

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2008-08-31 01:16 am

(no subject)

Originally Posted at

In my travails around the world of talking about stuff on the internet, I’ve noticed this song popping up again and again in fanvids. It’s an reasonable choice, as it 1) was written for a movie; b) has nonsense lyrics, which allow a more free-form approach to vidding; and lastly) says “I’m in love” over and over, just to drive your support of this One True Pairing home. Some YouTubers (those kids today) have even pointed out the overuse in their “descriptions”: “Yeah, I know the song is totally overused, but the beat fit so well!

Here are some examples I hand-picked for YOU:

# Legolas/Gimli (LOtR), because if there’s one thing the internet is good at, it’s dwarf!sex;

# Ron/Hermione (Harry Potter), featuring clips from the early movies when they were too young to fall in love accidentally or otherwise;

# Harry/Hermione (Harry Potter), poor misguided kid;

# Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles (Supernatural/Real Life), double creepy because a) RPF and b) they play brothers on the show;

# Han/Leia (Star Wars Old Skool), a classic example of the titular phenomenon;

# Mario/Peach (Nintendo), to which I say “must we?”;

# Mohinder/Sylar & Nathan/Peter (Heroes/The Murderer &or Incest Lover Club);
removed from webternets

# Dana/Alice (The L Word), another true Accident;
embedding disabled

# and of course Jim/Pam (The Office US).
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2008-08-31 12:52 am

(no subject)

I think I'm going to post on this sucker again. See, I believe each weblog hosting platform/blogging community/whatever these things are has a personality, and tumblr is supposed to belong to an urban hipster with a career in a field that didn't exist a year ago and won't in two more. And my tumblr is... well, she's not that.

Meanwhile, my mental image of livejournal (and my livejournal friends page) reminds me that LJ is for fandom, and honestly, when am I NOT thinking about Doctor Who or Womens's Murder Club or some other such nonsense?

As a tribute to that, I am going to re-post (or just sort of move over) some of the YouTube FanVid Compilation Explorations I've done in the past little while. Then, prepare for the deluge.

P.S. how bout that [ profile] fandomsecrets, eh? Fun community!