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in which my attempts to be disconnected and ironic are thwarted by my sincere glee at the art of fanvidding don’t judge me

Today’s song is “The Girl Next Door” by Saving Jane, because it is about the Popular versus Unpopular thing.

  • The most common, by far, is young Hermione Granger. The fun thing is, sometimes she’s the Girl Next Door (versus Fleur Delacour, who doesn’t count because Veelas are magic Sirens); but SOMETIMES, she’s the Prom Queen (versus young Ginny Weasley, which doesn’t count because Harry has never ever had a crush on Hermione.)

  • Also popular? Miley Cyrus. Apparently she has a best friend. Who is less popular. And people identify with this friend?

  • Now, my first thought, upon hearing the song, was “Dawson’s Creek!” Because I was 11 when it came out and thought I had a crush on a boy who was my best friend, JUST LIKE JOEY! And now Joey is crazy Katie Cruise, so I STILL can’t admit my crush on her. But the point is, Jen Lindley is popular. [Notably, Jen ACTUALLY lived next door to Dawson. Dun dun DUN.]

  • Of course you’ve got Popular, because honestly, was the song written for that soundtrack? It wasn’t just next door, y’all, it was the next room! Because step-sisters!

  • You’ve got your anime. Sailor Moon is an odd one because the “Girl Next Door” is become death personified later in the season. So there’s that.

  • You've got your The O.C.

  • You've got your Gossip Girl, which could easily be renamed "The U.E.S."

  • You've got Mean Girls, which doesn't make sense in the context of the plot.

  • And, of course, you have your Random Internet Lesbians RPF. Because I, apparently, suck at living. [But she was seriously a cheerleader, you guys.] [Please kill me.]

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In my travails around the world of talking about stuff on the internet, I’ve noticed this song popping up again and again in fanvids. It’s an reasonable choice, as it 1) was written for a movie; b) has nonsense lyrics, which allow a more free-form approach to vidding; and lastly) says “I’m in love” over and over, just to drive your support of this One True Pairing home. Some YouTubers (those kids today) have even pointed out the overuse in their “descriptions”: “Yeah, I know the song is totally overused, but the beat fit so well!

Here are some examples I hand-picked for YOU:

# Legolas/Gimli (LOtR), because if there’s one thing the internet is good at, it’s dwarf!sex;

# Ron/Hermione (Harry Potter), featuring clips from the early movies when they were too young to fall in love accidentally or otherwise;

# Harry/Hermione (Harry Potter), poor misguided kid;

# Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles (Supernatural/Real Life), double creepy because a) RPF and b) they play brothers on the show;

# Han/Leia (Star Wars Old Skool), a classic example of the titular phenomenon;

# Mario/Peach (Nintendo), to which I say “must we?”;

# Mohinder/Sylar & Nathan/Peter (Heroes/The Murderer &or Incest Lover Club);
removed from webternets

# Dana/Alice (The L Word), another true Accident;
embedding disabled

# and of course Jim/Pam (The Office US).


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