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Here is a list of fanvids I want to/am going to make over winter break:

  • Short Skirt Long Jacket - Cake

    • a tribute to Sarah Walker from Chuck, as a) theme song! and b) about awesome chicks!

  • Code Monkey - Jonathan Coulton

    • Jim/Pam, from the Office. Because it's about right, for the second season.

  • Being Alive - John Barrowman / Stephen Sondheim

    • Captain Jack is immortal, and the actor who plays him sings this. Come ON.

  • either The Future Soon, I Crush Everything, or Skullcrusher Mountain - Jonathan Coulton

    • Doctor Horrible. One of these will fit perfectly, I just know it.

  • One of the Doctor Horrible songs

    • something else, maybe Doctor Who. You could probably shoehorn a Master/Doctor thing into "My Eyes."

  • (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace Love and Understanding - Elvis Costello

    • Doctor Who.

Here is a list of TV shows I need to get around to watching, probably over winter break:

  • Mad Men

  • The Wire, Season 2 on

  • Gossip Girl

  • the rest of this season of Dexter (I fell behind because it's too creepy to watch alone in my room)

Here is a list of things I need to do before I have a winter break:

  • Econ exam

  • Psychology lit review

  • Move (across the street)

  • Pack to move back home (farther than that)

  • Get Some Sleep.

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Said Things )

So, in conclusion, Jordana Brewster and Yvonne Swelastname are hot, and I wanna be a spy when I grow up. Also, Spoon.


Nov. 11th, 2008 04:04 am
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On Watching D.E.B.S. for the Millionth Time Because Lucy Diamond was on Chuck:

1) I really wish I had super long arms so I could wrap them around someone's head whilst makin' out.

2) God, that Lucy Diamond is hot, despite terrible bangs and eyebrows.
2.a) This holds even truer in Chuck, where she has better hair and glasses where the eyebrows should be. The straight negates the hair, though, so she comes out even.

3) The plot of this movie is ridiculous, as is the spy organization.
3.a) This even holds true in comparison to Chuck.

4) I think my career goal is to work on a movie like this. I don't know in what capacity, but something light-hearted and gay and made by a gay lady and awesome.

on Heroes:

I am in love with Jack Coleman and Veronica Mars, as individual characters, and also with Angela Petrelli and also with Ando. No particular reasons, just I decided they were awesome and lo, up to it they lived. Ooh, also Claire's BioMom, at least this episode.


Scherbatsky is an awesome name.


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