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So a few weeks ago Autostraddle published an edition of their Fan Fiction Friday column about the author's top 10 femslash fics of all time, which asked for our faves in the comments.

Naturally, I compiled a
probably way-too comprehensive overview of the top fics (that I could remember/find) from my top fandoms from the past 15 years, and I've decided that I want it on my dreamjournal for posterity.

montage of me opening five million different archives, scrolling endlessly, opening dozens more tabs, sighing nostalgically, wincing nostalgically, and finally emerging into the light holding this timeline over my head.

Here is the first Harry Potter f/f slash I ever read (so at the time as a 13 year old it was the greatest thing in the entire world):

Shortly after that I got into Buffy, and I remember bookmarking this writer’s personal webpage in AOL to check on updates for this Willow/Tara soulmate fic (featuring a crossover characters from Greek mythology and ER):

I started my pattern of following authors into fics about canons I’d never consumed early. Here’s a lovely story about a boarding school in the past (that also somehow started me feeling comfortable with identifying as butch):

I remained a Kitten Board regular long after Tara died and it dissolved into entirely alternate universe fics. Here’s an old favorite where they meet as contestants on Survivor:

Around this point I was really into South of Nowhere, but my favorite author of the era has deleted her stuff in that fandom, and I can’t find anything that compares at all.

Here’s another amazing fic for a show I never watched, in which women get each other pregnant through powerful magic:

I could never get into R&I, because I was still bitter about the cancellation of Women’s Murder Club. The series below is fantastic, but note how you can’t even tell that it’s a series because pre-AO3 archiving websites are tragic and difficult:

At one point, not sure why, I’d read every fic in existence about these two quirky British detectives whom I’ve never met(/watched):

Oh, right, the long stretch of time where I thought only of Glee:
Here’s an epic length fucked-up-in-the-future Faberry fic that I think serves as a metaphor for the fandom somehow?:
Here’s one twice-as-long Brittana in-the-past and in-the-circus AU filled with fluff and intrigue and atmosphere:
And here’s the Brittana fic I wish the characters were actually living in (branching from the show after Heart):

You already named one of my go-to recs from the Warehouse, so here’s a 1920s AU I like just as much:

Guess I should probably stop holding out hope for this Swan Queen WIP now that I realize it hasn’t updated in almost two years, but it’s so great I’m going to recommend it anyway:

The wonderfully unexpected Pitch Perfect fandom emerged around then; here’s the fic I’d taken as headcanon before PP2 was announced:

It’s probably not entirely clear from these recommendations, but my favorite genre is actually short and fluffy. Here’s an adorable Game of Thrones canon-era fic in which Margaery and Sansa get married for politics:

And now I feel we’re basically caught up to the present? So I’ll leave you with my favorite Carmilla fic (so far):

(If these are to your taste, I also have ao3 bookmarks?) 


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