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I read a bunch of great fanfics in this year's yuletide, and I would like to pass that joy on to you!
I'm not quite done with the archive, but I really wanted to post something before reveals.


Lana sees Archer with babies. I could totally hear them saying all every line; features a baby ocelot!

Babysitter's Club

Mallory's byline
A fluffy future fic in which all the BSC members are successful and happy. I love all the jobs they came up with, and the framing device. (Also I love that they're all happy because this is an escapist childhood fandom).

Beauty and the Beast

For always, forever
An Beauty and the Beast retelling with asexual homoromantic non-white people and a strong sense of Beauty's agency! I really love this take - it reminds me of the Princess Series novels (by Jim C. Hines), which is a very high compliment.

Bend it Like Beckham

Here, Queer, Getting Used to It
Jess notices women (Jules) and begins to try to come to terms with it. A lot of fics for this movie kind of handwave over Jess's religious upbringing, so I especially dig this take on it.

Bob's Burgers

Leg Warmers: The Musical
Gene writes and stages a musical staring Olivia Newton-John. Remarkably good characterization, I would buy it as an episode.

Broad City

Last Christmas I gave you my heart (and the very next day, you said, 'Ilana, I'm not gay.')
A fun story about how Abbi and Ilana met and effortlessly fell into their current dynamic.

Latkes and Blunts (Or, Abbi and Ilana's Hotboxed Hanukkah)
Ilana talks Abbi into hosting an impromptu Hannukah party, then creates a weed-menorah. That is a brilliant (ridiculous-stupid) idea that is so totally Ilana, and the side characters are drawn really well (fucking Bevers).

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Hey Baby (Drop It To the Floor)
Someone leaves a baby on Jake's doorstep and it makes him think. Great character voices (also Holt holding a baby!).

Girl Talk
Rosa and Amy bond. Very cute, and I love the Rosa narrator voice (she has to "be tough" to ask someone about feelings! because she's uncomfortable with them, but she wants to help!)

a woman can
A bit of backstory for each of the women of the 99. Totally nails them all.

When the Moon (Is Round and Full)
Rosa is a grumpy werewolf, and she accidentally acquires the 99 as her pack (and also makes out with Amy). I adore urban fantasy, these characters, and f/f, and this totally hits the spot.

Rosa is a grumpy were-something-else and also makes out with Amy. I worship the worldbuilding/fantasy elements in this one, and the characterization is fun too!

You're a Wonder, Wonder Woman
Gina discovers that Rosa is a superhero. Delightful idea, charming execution, and perfectly in character.

Shout Out to Mis Uruguayas
Rosa and Amy join the NYPD Latinas Unidas and also make out. I would love to see any or all aspects of this fic in an episode.

(this one is hard because it is the fandom of my heart so I love all of them! But I'll just rec one per fic type.)

all the feeling and the rain
My new OT3 headcanon. Fantastic voices & characterization, perfect backstories, and wonderful character dynamics.

Newly Calibrated, All Shiny and Clean
Danny gets bitten by a werewolf - Laura and Carmilla help her through it. Elegant and unseasy, great voices (especialy narrative Danny). (Yes, this is also OT3, but werewolf merits its own entry hush)

An Introduction
Gen - Carmilla audits classes and notices the other characters (set pre-series). Short and bittersweet, and totally on-point.

Interviewing a Vampire
Laura is insatiably curious, and Carmilla's vampiric nature is vastly mysterious. Totally in character and charming.

if you catch me eating eyeballs
Preseries, LaF talks Perry into applying to Silas. I adore LaF's enthusiam for the weird and Perry's devotion to LaF.


Nuclear Fallout of My Winter Heart
Daria's writing goes over her college classmates' heads; Jane is still by her side. Very much captures the beleaguered spirit of the show.
Adorable tale of brand loyalty, transmedia, and unexpected opportunities. I kinda wish existed (even as a Buzzfeed subsection?)


the thrill in both victory and defeat
Moriarty writes Joan letters; Joan is drawn in despite herself. I love Jaime's vague ominousness and Joan's confused fascination.

Dr. Watson solves a case (before she meets Sherlock). Joan gets is great at everything and gets shit done, in other words.

Faking It

she might've let you hold her hand in school (but i'mma show you how to graduate)
Amy meets a girl and falls in love _and_ gets to keep her best friend. Cute as heck and exactly what I want for Amy. (Also, go Wes!)

Happy Endings

Secrets and Waffles
Gosh I miss this show, and this fic makes the ache all the keener. _Fantastic_ banter; I wish I could hear them say it.

The Lego Movie

An origin story for Benny the 80's Spaceman. Captures the tone of the film perfectly (so irreverant and meta and funny).

Mad Men

The Real Thing
Peggy and Stan and Don stay late at work and contemplate advertising. Sounds like a scene from the show? It easily could be.

Orange is the New Black

In the quiet
Poussey dreams of Taystee. Gorgeous and painful and lovely and sad.

On the Outside
Brief glimpses inside some of the prisoners' perspectives on getting out. Gets right to the heart of each woman.

Orphan Black

Swan Dive
Beth finds out about the clone situation and represses her feelings about it. Does a great job filling in the background, and totally painful to read knowing what happens next.

How to Disappear Completely
Amelia comes to London from South Africa to serve as a surrogate mother, only to realize something sketchy is happening. Also great important backstory; also tragic as heck in retrospect.

Nature, Nurture
Sarah meets, falls in love with, and scams Cal. I don't really care about this couple but I love the characterization.

just come on home
Helena, Cosima, and Delphine go on a road trip. Phenomenal Helena perspective, as she slowly learns more and more about love by both watching the couple and bonding with Cosima.

Questionable Content

The Existential Weight of Cupcakes
Momo the AnthroPC goes to college. Really interesting worldbuilding regarding the social status of AI, and also cute found familial dynamics.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Comics)

Stop Looking Down And Look At Me Instead
Kim Pine has a crush on a high school girl, and someone it helps her grow up. Love the random Scott-Pilgrimy bits (Losing HP! Metatextual references! Mysterious notes that follow you around!), and the romance is delightful.


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