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Merlin Mann, one of my webternetty heroes, says I should blog about my obsessions. I can only assume he wanted me to pimp this here Doctor Who fanvid, and, even if you don't want spoilers, the associated song which is HAUNTING my BRAINS.

And, just to make sure all my "obsession" cards are on the table:

[note to self: that is a far pervier google image search than expected. Ew.]

Love Themes

Sep. 9th, 2008 02:02 am
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Is there some sort of mandatory chord for love themes?

In the past week, I've noticed that both Torchwood's "Gwen and Rhys"

and Los Hombre's De Paco's (Unofficial) "Pepa y Silvia" (theme around 1:12 of the clip)

sound AWFUL like the Buffy/Angel love theme (Doooooo, do. do. dooooo DOOO do. do. you know the one):

It's very confusing.
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What's more exciting in the below video: the enaction of that whole bisexuality storyline (even if all we're going to get is the House-male-gaze-fantasy), or PENNY having a mysterious illness?

Relatedly: Pepa from Los Hombres de Paco looks like some other actress but I cannot figure out who. Internet people, go.

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