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1) Lucy Diamond driving her lover around in a blue convertible!
2) It was really obvious that she was TOTES EVIL for the following reasons:
a) She's Lucy Diamond. Australia's toast.
b) she happens to have puzzling skills like a spy might!
c) she's super-curious about how Chuck got started, and while he was trying to be suave, he was actually protecting his asset!
d) um, she's dating Chuck and thus getting in the way of the ultimate Chuck/Sarah goal. Just like Rachel Bilson that one time, with the meat.
e) ... maybe it's the eyebrows. I think her eyebrows are inherently evil and it's not part-based stereotyping at all.
3) How the hell would Bryce, undercover within Fulcrum, not have HAPPENED to mention that Chuck's ex, with whom he once slept, is in Fulcrum? Surely he knew she would use that if she ever found out Bartowski's status in the agency.
a) ... I wish I could be a spy.

So, in conclusion, Jordana Brewster and Yvonne Swelastname are hot, and I wanna be a spy when I grow up. Also, Spoon.
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